Director Message

“Jindatta Institute Of Educaton” was founded in 2000. Our goal is to provide a program that includes not only an excellent academic curriculum but also special activities that promote self confidence in our students. Our students build a high level of self esteem, as well as respect for the world around them.We saw a dream that how to improve the quality of education and that time country Is suffering form weak education environment. We know that our government trying best from their side but it is necessary that every people of india be the part of the government campaign in the field of education. We have continuously explored, reviewed , researched and gathered facts before adding new material to make our program comprehensive and stimulating. To cultivate and encourage imagination, inspiration, and talent, I have speciality teachers who coach in music, drama, art as well as soccer and physical education. Each child’s progress is discussed and different approaches to challenge him/her are originated. I personally examine student’s work to ensure that no scholar is left behind and the student’s performance is in par with JD Institute Of Education’s standards. The teachers’ lesson plans and goals are also assessed to foster our Institute Curriculum goals. We visit each classroom and assess every child’s class work and homework, to determine the individual progress of the student. Our staff is always present on site for the day to day operation and are available to resolve any parent concerns. We have well qualified teachers who nurture and motivate our students. Our caring staff is always willing to support and assist the parents. Our students are very important to us. Every aspect of our Program is geared towards promoting their optimum potential. There are parent, Director, Assistant Director and teacher conferences to promote open communication. Our small class size, allows us to give personal attention to all our students. The yearly events like the Winter Program; Mother’s day Noon Tea, our year end fair and award ceremony are fun and present an opportunity for our families to enjoy their children’s work and performances. The students, the parents and our staff are all involved in making these events a success.