Jindatta Institute of Education

Smart Class

Classrooms are spacious, centrally air conditioned and have lighting arrangements as per international standards. The number of students in each class is restricted, so that the teachers give individual attention to each student. Aesthetically designed furniture has been provided in each classroom, keeping in mind the comfort of the child. Each classroom of the School has been tailor made to cater to the creative needs of the tiny tots. The Presiding members in the Goenkan Classroom are the Interactive white boards used in JD as a replacement for traditional white boards or flipcharts. They provide ways to show students everything which can be presented on a computer’s desktop (educational software, websites and others) in an actual working setting. In addition interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record their instructions and post the material for review by students at a later time. This is a very effective instructional strategy for students who are absent from school, for students struggling while learning, and for reviewing work during examinations.

  • Creative video files teach a software application, a lesson, or as a review to be posted to the server on the web.
  • Use the built in maps to teach continents, oceans, countries, or states and capitals.
  • Showcase presentations created by student or teacher.
  • Have students create e-folios including samples of their work and narration.
  • Digital storytelling.
  • Take notes directly into PowerPoint presentations.
  • Reinforce skills using on-line interactive web–sites.
  • Creating a project calendar.
  • Illustrate and write a book,Use the record feature to narrate the text.
  • Use the inter write software to create lessons in advance at home or at school. Then save them for future use or share with other teachers.
  • Diagramming activities.