Jindatta Institute of Education

Sports Activity

JD students participate in dozens of sports at multiple levels each year. In order for athletes to realize all the benefits of school sport, the Toronto District Secondary Schools Athletic Association (TDSSAA) work diligently to provide a healthy, fun, safe and competitive environment where students can learn the rigor and discipline necessary for success. Our athletes have the opportunity to improve their fitness and their social, mental, emotional and academic well-being while taking pride in themselves as well as having respect for their opponents.

We believe that athletics enables students to become more involved in the life of a school. Athletics can improve school spirit and give students the opportunity to support many teams and their school. Athletics also improve students’ fitness levels and to help establish life-long participation in physical fitness activities.

At the JD, we work to ensure all of our students are participating in a safe environment. We follow the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines – provincially recognized safety guidelines that contain the mandatory minimum standards that must be met by teachers/coaches when addressing the safety components of the curricular, intramural and interschool programs.