Jindatta Institute of Education

Our Laboratories

Computer Lab

With computer education an essential part of modern day living, it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers computer savvy. The Computer lab is specialized for image manipulation, graphic design, animation and high-end multimedia production. It is a hands-on instructional lab and a student work area for completing assignments.

Computer Science is a vast encyclopedia in itself, which can generate familiarization to this entire world & can help a child to gain speedy & insightful knowledge. Every student of the school is given training in computers to update their knowledge with acquaintance to latest technology application. Special courses on animation, graphic designing etc. apart from regular syllabus are imparted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring in more efficiency.

Language Lab

In order to enhance language skills, right from the primary level, we have now introduced Words Worth Language Lab, catering to the much needed requirement of sharpening Spoken English Language Skills. The product caters to language enrichment requirements of students from class III to class X. The lab software enriches the Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Sentence formation (functional grammar) and Listening as well as comprehension skills. This product is based on research done by BBC in India and works at polishing the English language skills. The accent used is Indian (neutral). This product is graded into 8 levels to suit children of different age levels. To develop foreign language skills, the school also uses Eurotalk Language Lab, which is Europe’s leading company providing Language Learning Products. Through Eurotalk, students learn several foreign languages using the natural way of acquiring language through LISTENING and SPEAKING. The lab provides a fun way to learn foreign language, wherein the students are engaged and entertained whilst at the same time enabling teachers to monitor the child’s progress rigorously.

Science Lab

Science Centre (ASC) is a unique and first of its kind Science Centre that exposes all the concepts of Science to the children. The Centre has been specifically created to *Excite*, *Engage* and *Involve* children with the world of Science.

ASC is equipped with more than 30 mechanical installations that are controlled by a centralized computer. These installations cover all the main concept areas covered from classes III to X. Further, it has been designed to conduct more than 80% of activities/experiments suggested by NCERT. Finally, ASC has all the advanced science based learning systems like Robotics, Aero Modelling, Electronics and Science Projects. More can be found at www.buildingblocks.in/asc *Demo Video*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exy-EFZG56o